G7 Terminal


G7 Terminal

Dedicated to ISOBUS operations


G7 Terminal

100% Made in Italy Virtual Terminal

Ideal for implement producers

G7 Terminal features a robust, reliable, dust- and water-proof, and easy-to-clean display. The 7" HD LCD with 16 million colors is super bright and is visible even in direct sunlight.
It comes with Virtual Terminal Lifetime License (UT + AUX-N).
Thanks to a flexible Licensing system, you can decide to unlock the NAVI license (to get all parallel guidance functions), and the Task Controller license (to get full ISOBUS capabilities including section control, and management of ISOXML prescription maps).

Full ISOBUS compatibility


G7 and G12 series, with the ISOBUS licences, are compatible with any ISOBUS machinery, regardless of the brand of tractor and agricultural implement

The ISOBUS protocol is the result of an agreement between the main manufacturers of agricultural machinery and equipment. AvMap is a member of AEF, the global organization that promotes and monitors the development of the ISOBUS interface among manufacturers.

ISOBUS on any vehicle

You don’t need to buy a new tractor to getall the benefits of ISOBUS connectivity:
if your vehicle is not ISOBUS ready, no problem!
You can connect the G7 to the implement using the In-Cab cable in ISOBUS ready tractors,
or via the ISOBUS retrofit cable in vehicles that are not equipped with an ISOBUS port.

Licensing System

A flexible try-before-you-buy software licensing system allows you to create your custom Terminal.
You can test all the advantages of ISOBUS functions on your G7 Iso / G7 Terminal before purchasing the Lifetime License, thanks to the included FREE TRIAL.

Navigation License



• Assisted parallel Guidance with guidelines
• Serial section control
• Automatic Steering

• Jobs Database (exportable to Google Earth)
• Field Database
synchronized with MyFarmnavigator.com cloud portal.


Virtual Terminal License

Virtual Terminal

UT: G7 can work as multi-VT operating different implements, or assecondary VT.

AUX-N: implement can be controlled by means of an additional auxiliary control element such as a joystick.


Task Controller License

Task Controller

TC-SC: ISOBUS section control, automatically switching sections based on GPS position and desired overlap.
TC-BAS: import jobs from any management software in ISOXML format
TC-GEO: location based jobs, as for example by means of application maps.

N.B. TC can be unlocked onlyif VT + NAVI licenses are present.


Technical Specifications

G7 Terminal Technical Specifications

Display: 7” bonded LCD, 1024x600 px, 1000 nits
Capacitive Multi -Touch Screen
Supply Voltage: 10-35 Vdc
Power consumption: 1,5A MAX @ 12V (~18 W)
Powered bracket with:
  • 3x serial ports  (2 x DB9 powered 12 V DC, 1 x DB9)
  • 1x power supply connector
  • 1x 14 pin connector (USB-VideoIN-Ethernet cable compatible)
  • 1x 4 pin connector (In-cab connection cable compatible)
3 power adapters: cigarette lighter adapter, Cobo adapter, spade terminals adapter
Operating temperature:  -10° C + 60° C
Storage temperature: -30 °C + 80 ° C
Waterproof iPX6  suitable for use on tractors without a cab
Dimensions: 188 x 146 x 33 m
Weight: 640 g

Included Accessories


Protective  cover

Powered ISO bracket
with 3 serial ports and CANbus port

Power cable adapters
(cigarette lighter, cobo, spade terminals)

USB-VideoIN-Ethernet cab

In-cab connection cable

RAM rail mount