4G Agri SIM


4G Agri SIM

4G Telematics Box for Smart Farming

Connectivity and bi-directional communication

4G Agri SIM provides 4G connectivity for all FARMNAVIGATOR devices, 
it saves telemetry data, tilt sensor and CANBUS data in the internal memory
and sends them to the MyFarmnavigator.com cloud.
It also allows to exchange data bidirectionally between the G7 / G12 terminals and MyFarmnavigator.com


Connectivity for you FARMNAVIGATOR products


1 YEAR / 1000hr of Connectivity
for FARMNAVIGATOR products

The included multi-operator SIM provides 4G connectivity for all FARMNAVIGATOR devices thus connecting the field to the office. It  includes 1 YEAR / 1000 hours of connectivity all over Europe, no need for SIM card.

Telematics Box

A powerful Telematics Box

4G Agri SIM integrates a full inertial platform, GPS, CANbus, WiFi and 4G modem. It's the result of AvMap’s decades of experience in telematics solutions for the aeronautical, automotive and insurance markets.

1 year of localization

1 YEAR of cloud services included

It includes 1 year of MyFarmnavigator Cloud service to localize your vehicles and monitor their performance and consumption, as well as synchronizing fields between the portal and G7 / G12 displays. 

1 YEAR of MyFarmnavigator included!

The cloud service for Agriculture

Register 4G Agri in a few simple steps, and start monitoring vehicles, trips and consumptions on the Cloud!
1 Year of telematic services is included, and on the expiration date, you can renew for 1, 3 or 5 years.

Enter MyFarmnavigator now!


MyFarmnavigator services

Welcome to Smart Farming!

MyFarmnavigator includes the basic localization and telemetry services you need
to get your farm connected and get started with Smart Farming.
The data remains available as long as the account is active on MyFarmnavigator.com

Vehicle database

Connected Vehicles Database

Add all your connected vehicles (with model, type, picture) and their on board devices.



Localize in real time your vehicles on the map.

Tracks database

Trips database

All the trips of the vehicle's works in the fields available at a glance.



Graphs and color coded tracks on map allow to analyze the telemetry (speed, time, distance etc) of the works in the fields.

Tilt sensor data

Tilt sensor data

Analyze tilt sensor data and receive oveturning alarms for the safety of the drivers int he farm.

Vehicle Performance

Vehicle performance (CANbus data)

Analyze CANbus data (such as fuel level, fuel consumption, engine revolutions, engine temperature) to monitor vehicles performace and diagnose problems. Function available with 4G Agri.

Fields synchronization



Fields synchronization

Synchronize the fields between the G7 / G12 Panorama displays and MyFarmnavigator.com cloud.
You can also draw the fields on the map directly in the portal and then send them to the desired terminals.

Technical Specifications

4G Agri SIM hardware specifications


Dimensions: 105 mm x 102.3 mm

Weight: 166 g

Supply voltage:  12 - 24 Vdc

Transmission frequency range: 791-2690 MHz

Triaxial accelerometer + gyro: ACC 500 Hz, min 0.125g - max 16g

Built-in GPS

4G modem


CANbus (J1939)


Operating Temperature: -20 °C / +65 °C

Storage Temperature: -40 °C / +85 °C


4G Agri SIM Main Fuctions


Provides 4G connectivity to all FARMNAVIGATOR products 

Trip log: Recording of all vehicle movements

Vehicle telemetry: position and speed data

Tilt sensor data 

CANBUS data: Fuel level*, Fuel consumption liter / hour*, Engine revolutions and temperature*

Fields synchronization between the G7 / G12 PANORAMA and MyFarmnavigator.com

Calibration procedure on smartphone

Automatic connection to the IoT serve

Automatic software updates

*If data are available from vehicle's CANbus




Register your connected product on MyFarmnavigator and start using Smart Famring services!   


4G Agri SIM User Manual

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